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Photo of Michelle Obama ‘rocking her natural hair’ shows up in timelines & ‘the gates of heaven opened’

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Michelle Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of the adoring left, who have long since elevated the former first lady to the status of goddess.

A great example of this was how the debacle of her signature issue while in the White House, school lunches, was propped up by media allies.

A more recent example is a Huffington Post article this week that celebrates Obama “rocking her natural hair.” In case you weren’t aware, this being “literally the moment we have been waiting for,” according to the liberal online news source.

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A harsh assessment? Here’s the lede sentence in the piece: “The gates of heaven opened and Michelle Obama popped up on timelines in rare form on Sunday night.”

The rare form being Obama without the benefit of a makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion designer clothing she grew accustomed to in the White House.

Never mind that it’s not even clear when the photo in question was taken!

But Twitter had “a damn fit” anyway, according to the Huffington Post, as social media users “reveled in the glow of Obama’s melanin.”

Here’s a sampling of the responses of that damn fit, presented without comment:

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