Liberals’ new hero gets taken down by Sean Spicer and picked up by CNN … as a new hire

april ryan hired by cnn
CNN contributor April Ryan thinks net worth is the same thing as annual income. (Image: screengrab)

President Trump is making good on his promise to deliver jobs, jobs, jobs! Even for his haters.

CNN has hired April Ryan as a political analyst just one week after the correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks sparred with Sean Spicer at a White House press briefing.

After Spicer got annoyed that Ryan kept pushing the unsubstantiated narrative that Trump had colluded with the Russians, Ryan was interviewed multiple times by CNN and other press outlets to discuss the exchange.

Ryan — who has a history of race-baiting — took another approach this time and whined that Spicer was being sexist. Not surprisingly, playing the victim role got April plenty of sympathy from her liberal media comrades.

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Reporters now realize that clashing with Spicer at his daily press briefings can raise their profile, and it has turned out well for April Ryan, who bragged about her new CNN gig on Twitter:

In March, Ryan was mocked after she claimed that President Trump can’t be a billionaire because he “only” earned $100 million in 2005.

While it would be normal for the average person to not know the difference between annual income and net worth, Ryan’s display of comical ignorance raised questions about how a White House correspondent could be so clueless.

Meanwhile, Twitters users said the race-baiting April Ryan will fit right in at CNN.


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