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Fights erupt throughout high school after major dress code changes announced … a growing trend?

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It’s fair to question whether our schools are preparing American students for the real world when kids can’t even cope with a dress code change.

…or is this the perpetually aggrieved left’s stamp on today’s generation?

Chaos erupted recently at Desert Oasis High School, located in Las Vegas, to include at least seven fights in what students said was a reaction to announced changes in the dress code, according to ABC affiliate KTNV.

“Everybody is so mad about the dress code,” student Niyah Rheed said. “No leggings, no jogging pants, no sweat pants, no flip-flops, no holes in your pants, none of that.”

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The pandemonium broke out after the principal announced the dress code changes, telling students who were upset over the changes they would have an opportunity to make their feelings known to the student council, the ABC affiliate reported.

“I had never seen this stuff before in my entire life,” junior Adam Gallegos told KTNV. “There was a bunch of people hitting each other. There was food flying everywhere. There was apples flying.”

Gallegos’ brother, Zachary, was also on hand during the melee.

“I walked up and there was just people all over the ground, security guards trying to break it up,” he said. “It’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“The dress code wasn’t a great dress code, but I don’t think you should fight over it,” Zachary added.

The carnage resulted in two arrests for fighting and six students cited for causing a disturbance.

Carnage that looks to be a regular part of education in America.

On the same day as the Las Vegas fight, ten students were suspended after a fight broke out at a Manchester, Connecticut, high school.

Two days before that, a teacher in Decatur, Illinois, was injured trying to break up a fight between five high school students.

And one day earlier, five high school students in North Carolina were hit with criminal charges after a fight there.

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