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‘It’s beyond outrageous!’ Sheriff Clarke rips Dem mayor’s stupidity: ‘To say that a slave equals an illegal …’

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blasted the “stupidity” of a New Jersey mayor’s comments about illegal immigrants.

Clarke reacted to Newark’s Democratic Mayor Ras Baraka who accused President Trump of making sanctuary cities into “fugitive slave catchers” by threatening to cut off federal funding if they would not cooperate with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

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Baraka had remarked in an MSNBC interview that Trump’s “unconstitutional” immigration policies were a way to intimidate” mayors around the country into being “fugitive slave catchers that run around and do their bidding.”

Clarke responded to the mayor’s “lunacy” on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Monday.

“I’ve heard a lot of stupid things said,” Clarke began, but “comparing fugitive slaves to illegal immigrants is the gold standard of stupidity.”

Clarke was sure if 19th Century African-American icons Dred Scott, Nat Turner or Frederick Douglass were asked, they would not agree that slaves being held against their will and returned to their masters after attempting to run away was the same as sending illegal immigrants back to their home country.

“Count on the Left to talk crazy, to talk outrageous, to try to add fuel to this thing,” Clarke said. “That’ not what’s going on. Everybody knows it but they’re out of things to say so they have to talk stupid.”

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, also appearing on “Hannity,” disagreed with Clarke, asking the sheriff to put himself in the place of a family facing a deportation of a member. Rivera also claimed studies show fewer crimes are committed by undocumented immigrants than citizens, a point Sean Hannity refuted with other statistics.

Clarke corrected Rivera’s points noting that slaves were considered property and not as human beings and they were never afforded due process under law that illegal immigrants enjoy.

“When they were caught, slaves were hung, slaves were beaten. That’s not what’s happening with illegal immigrants. They’re being returned to their country of origin,” Clarke pointed out.

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“To say that a slave equals an illegal immigrant, I’ll tell you what,” he said.  “It’s beyond outrageous.”

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