Restaurant calls cops, ousts man wearing breast cancer awareness t-shirt; overreaction?

A Georgia man faces arrest if he returns to a restaurant that had him removed over a bright pink shirt emblazoned with the words “Breast Matter,” that included an image of breasts.

Brian Studdard was wearing the shirt in support of breast cancer, but Niki’s West, a restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, took issue with the garment, Fox affiliate WBRC reported.

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“One of the hostesses came to me and said some of the line servers thought my t-shirt was inappropriate or offensive,” Studdard said.

The restaurant has a sign on display that reads: “Family Establishment. Modest Attire Required. Persons wearing inappropriate clothing will NOT be served.”

Studdard told WBRC that he got the t-shirt after participating in a 5-mile walk to support a friend battling breast cancer.

“One of my best friends died a few months ago from breast cancer,” he said. “One of my sisters is a breast cancer survivor, so it means a lot.”

Studdard was in town to celebrate his father’s 99th birthday and the owner offered him a different shirt so he could stay with his family, according to WBRC. Studdard declined, offering to turn the shirt inside out instead.

The owner asked him to leave and called law enforcement when Studdard refused. Police say he’ll be arrested for trespassing if he returns.

The reaction on social media was mixed… what are your thoughts, did the restaurant overreact, making much ado over nothing?

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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