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‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough compares Hillary Clinton to his PET ROCK

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It’s been nearly five months since the presidential election, and it’s still a topic of conversation on “Morning Joe.”

But at least they now realize that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate who ran a lackluster campaign.

MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski claimed that the 2016 campaign had everything to do with the Clintons while President Donald Trump played a bit role in the drama.

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“This election was not about Donald Trump,” Scarborough claimed. “It was all about Hillary and Bill Clinton. It was all about America’s reaction to Bill and Hillary Clinton,” he repeated and referred to Trump as “a bit player.”

Brzezinski claimed that when Trump’s sexually aggressive “Access Hollywood” audio was released, she thought it would bode ill for Clinton — not her Republican opponent.

“My brain went like 100 miles an hour when those ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes came out. I thought, this is bad for Hillary,” she said. “But it’s not a surprise. And, two, this will highlight exactly what the Clintons don’t want anyone to remember, and then you saw what happened at the debate, they brought all the women out.”

Scarborough agreed, adding that it was “the very thing that Maureen Down had been writing about [in The New York Times] … about Bill Clinton and how it’d stuck to Hillary.”

Then Scarborough gave the former secretary of state the ultimate dismissal as a viable candidate.

“By the way, my pet rock could have gotten 45% against Hillary Clinton,” he said. “Maybe if my pet rock didn’t make any gaffes in the three debates, my pet rock could have beaten Hillary Clinton.”

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