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Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels Australia tour about dangers of so-called ‘moderate’ Islam over Muslim threats

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an outspoken critic of Islam, canceled her tour of Australia and New Zealand after getting death threats from angry Muslims.

Ali’s speaking tour was set to kick off this week, but was abruptly canceled due to security concerns. Think Inc., the event organizer, issued a statement on Twitter alerting fans of the cancellation.

ayann hirsi ali gets death threats from muslims.
Ayann Hirsi Ali has gotten numerous death threats from Muslims for speaking out against the religion’s brutal oppression of women.

A rep for Hirsi Ali said the Somali-born writer and former Dutch politician had been “left with no alternative” but to cancel the tour, the Guardian reported. “We’re a little bit crushed [and disappointed],” said the rep.

Muslim activists in Australia had launched a petition to keep Ali from coming there. The former Muslim has received countless death threats from Muslims who are furious that she speaks out against the dangers posed by Islam and the longstanding abuse of Muslim women.

Ali has also slammed so-called feminists like (Hillary Clinton) for not speaking out against the oppression and abuse of women in Muslim countries, where women are routinely beaten and raped by their husbands, can be stoned for getting raped, and married off as 6-year-old girls.


Hirsi Ali, who survived female genital mutilation as a child, previously lived in the Netherlands, but now lives in the United States under 24-hour security.

Ali says as a former devout Muslim, she understands the ideological dangers of Islam, and has said called for Muslim schools in Australia to be shut down. “I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘moderate Islam,'” she said.


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