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Watch Ivanka Trump’s feisty 82-year-old TICKED OFF neighbor challenge ‘dance party’ mob to a fight

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Leftists can’t stop shooting themselves in the foot.

LGBT activists stormed Ivanka Trump‘s Washington, D.C. neighborhood Saturday to protest “climate change,” and wound up infuriating her liberal neighbors in the tony suburb of Kalorama (where former president Obama lives).

An enraged 82-year-old man who was upset by the noise and pollution confronted a young man and threatened to beat him up if he doesn’t leave.

“Invent something! Do something!” the man yelled at a bystander. “Get out of here! Do you want to get your f**king face hit? … Do you wanna fight with an 82-year-old man?”


Ashley Rae Goldenberg, a reporter for Media Research Center, chronicled the heated exchange on Twitter. She and her friend (the guy getting yelled at) inadvertently got caught in the crosshairs of angry neighbors, who mistook them for protesters.

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You can’t blame the older gentleman for being upset that his quiet neighborhood was invaded by a mob of obnoxious, noisy protesters. Making the “protest” even more inane is the fact that its target was not even home this weekend.

On Saturday, Ivanka celebrated her son Theodore’s birthday in New York. In the Instagram photo she posted from his party, you can clearly see the view from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in the background.

Ivanka’s neighbors in the liberal suburb recently complained that her family is disrupting the neighborhood by causing parking problems and trash build-up.

Some on Twitter wondered if her leftist neighbors will complain now since liberal protesters are the ones disturbing the peace.


Others pointed out how stupid it is to protest Ivanka, who actually supports gay rights and environmental causes.





Samantha Chang


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