So, Zogby tested to see if Oprah Winfrey could beat Donald Trump in 2020; here’s how results break down

Can you imagine Oprah Winfrey as President of the United States?

If you believe the polls, and after this past election that’s a big “if,” the former talk show host turned media mogul has a double-digit lead on President Donald Trump in a possible 2020 clash for the highest office in the land.

In the most recent Zogby Analytics poll, Winfrey is leading 46 percent – 36 percent with 18 percent “not sure” who they’d vote for among American workers.

“In a fantasy election, the mogul and former queen of daytime television defeats President Trump among American workers,” the poll read. “If one television star can win the White House, why not another!”

It was just last month that the prolific talk show host openly pondered the idea of running for president.

And in this new Zogby poll, Winfrey grabbed nearly every sub group on the board, including voters without a college degree and independents. Two groups that helped propel President Trump to victory.

“Oprah wins a majority or plurality among almost every sub-group, including Democratic stalwarts, such as younger voters (18-24 years old-55%), African-Americans (76%), Hispanics (58%), Asians (53%), and women (54%),” the poll said. “She also has a plurality of support among two groups who helped Donald Trump to presidency-Independents (41%) and workers with no college degree (42%). Every income group supports Oprah over Trump. Workers earning

The president won with older voters’ 65 and older, rural voters, white voters, men and married voters.

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