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Spicer gets hot with reporters rushing to the defense of Obama official who appeared to spill the beans

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer let liberal reporters have it after they attempted to defend a former Obama official.

NPR’s Tamara Keith was pushing Spicer on the relevancy of a statement by Evelyn Farkas in which she appeared to let it slip that the Obama administration had spied on President Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

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Farkas “left the administration in 2015, so why is something she said in 2017 relevant to something that happened in 2016?” the reporter asked.

“The question I have for you is, exactly, why is it, what she said, in her things, ‘I’m urging my colleagues, I’m urging it to get to the Hill,” Spicer began in his reply.

“But it’s odd that the presumption is why is it interesting. Have you asked her? No! You haven’t!” Spicer continued as Keith replied that she had not asked Farkas anything.

“I would assume that as a reporter that actually is interested in the story, a senior Obama administration official that handled Russia…” Spicer said, before he was interrupted by another reporter who reminded him that Farkas wasn’t there in 2016.

“Thank you, I appreciate the timeline,”  Spicer said, visibly frustrated.

“My point is that you seem to be rushing to her defense,” he berated the reporters, reminding them where their attention should be pointed.

“At some point she went on television and talked about actions that she and her colleagues took to spread classified information. Instead of defending her, it might be worth asking her what she’s talking about, who she spread it to, why she did it, was it appropriate, who cleared her to do it,” he said.

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“Maybe those are questions you can ask instead of asking me to defend why a former Obama administration official is revealing stuff that should be extremely concerning,” he concluded.

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