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Why are Rachel Maddow’s ratings growing and should Tucker be worried?

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After getting off to a red-hot start, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson now appears to be losing ground to — egad! — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

All of which raises some interesting questions, given that Maddow bombed on an epic level last month with her exclusive on President Donald Trump’s tax returns — Trump would beat her to the punch as she milked the moment.

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Needless to say, Maddow was mocked on a level not seen since Geraldo Rivera’s “dramatic” unveiling of an empty Al Capone vault.

Yet, Variety reported this week that while MSNBC still trails Fox News and CNN in total viewers, the network “has reason to celebrate,” in large part due to a “surge” by Maddow.

“The network grew its viewership by 55 percent in total day viewers and 40 percent in the key demo compared to quarter one of 2016, no doubt boosted in part thanks to a surge in the ratings of ‘The Rachel Maddow Show,'” the entertainment trade magazine reported.

Adweek showed Maddow beat her 9 p.m. rival Carlson significantly Thursday in the key adult 25-54 demographic, as well as in overall viewers — in fact, she had a record month in March. Meanwhile, Carlson is teetering ever so close to dropping to third behind CNN’s Anderson Cooper.


More from Adweek:

Q1 2017 was the most-watched quarter ever for Maddow’s show. While the quarter was significant for Maddow, the month of March was even more noteworthy. Her program ranked No. 1 across cable news among adults 25-54. MSNBC had never scored a 9 p.m. monthly win over Fox News among adults 25-54 in network history until this past month. Not only was March 2017 Maddow’s best month ever from a ratings perspective, but it provided MSNBC with its best monthly audience delivery for any program in the network’s 20-year history.


So what gives? Was Carlson the beneficiary of a post-election surge driven by Trump supporters that is now falling off?

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Did Fox News make a mistake in allowing Megyn Kelly, who beat Maddow like a drum on a regular basis, to escape to NBC?

Lot’s of questions, few answers … what’s your take?

Tom Tillison


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