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Freakout video of the week! Woman goes on epic, screaming tirade when she sees couple kissing in line

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An outrageous video of a woman going off on a couple in a California restaurant has left many people aghast online.

The woman started out by complaining to the cashier about the couple engaging in a public display of affection in the Santa Monica eatery, but when the boyfriend of confronted her the complaining woman became crazed.

“Excuse me! This is a place where you eat, not where you make out. Go get a room!” she exclaimed.

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“You’re a slut!” the woman said while demanding the couple leave. “You’re a prostitute! Don’t you have any manners? Why don’t you leave b**ch!?”

The wild eyed woman, who it’s worth noting had already gotten and paid for her order and could have left at any time, approached the couple prompting the boyfriend to tell her to “step the f**k back.”

“You’re f**king your girlfriend in a public restaurant acting like a prostitute.

“You’re sexually harassing me – you and that slut!”

The woman demanded both the police and the store manager, even though she appeared to be the aggressor.

The woman began to leave when suddenly she backtracked and started demanding a refund.

The man who posted the video on Reddit explained his version of events.

“Last night my girlfriend of four years and I were waiting patiently for a lady to order her food at this restaurant in Santa Monica, and I had my arms around her from behind and maybe kissed her on the top of the head once or twice, but that was the extent of it.

“Out of nowhere, the lady looks at us and exclaims emphatically how inappropriate [our] PDA was and how uncomfortable it was making her.

“I thought she was joking because of how little we were actually making contact. I turned and kissed my girlfriend on the cheek and made a loud smack, and that’s where she really lost it.”

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Eventually another customer stepped in to ask her to leave at which point she hit him with a stack of papers.


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