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Extra ‘Spicey’ Friday presser stirred up liberal hornet’s nest more than usual after he targeted Hillary

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a daily habit of triggering liberals on what is arguably the world’s largest platform. Friday’s hour-long press conference, however, seemed to send them screeching and howling on a whole other level.


They particularly seemed incensed at Spicer’s contention that the Hillary Clinton campaign had a stronger connection to Russia than Trump’s campaign did. “When you compare the two sides of who is engaging with Russia, who is trying to strengthen Russia, it is night and day between our actions and her actions, yet no one questioned her,” Spicer said.

Addressing a wide range of issues from Devin Nunes on the White House Grounds to whether or not Michael Flynn should testify and ask for immunity, Spicer’s freewheeling, seemingly impromptu answers gave libs an extra spectacular dose of reality.

And since it’s not the reality they want to hear, they naturally went ape-sh*t.

That’s right. I included a Bill Kristol tweet in my liberal collection. Does anybody have any issues with that?


From the other side, however, this pretty much says it all…

Watch the press conference below and see if you agree:

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