Christian leader: Taxpayers forced to fund ‘pro-Islamic propaganda’ in public schools

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Public school children grades 5 through 12 are being indoctrinated on Islam through lessons financed by taxpayers, unbeknownst to unsuspecting American parents.

Martin Mawyer, president of the Christian Action Network, sent a letter to the Department of Education threatening to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of an Islamic education program offered through the PBS LearningMedia website, which is financed by federal taxpayer dollars.

Tucker Carlson asked Mawyer why he believes the Department of Education is “funding pro-Islamic propaganda.”

“First of all, if go to the PBS learning media website and pull up the Islamic Education programs, they have the Department of Education Seal on it,” Mawyer said, adding that the website also states, “funded by the Department of Education.”

Similar Lessons Not Offered on Christianity

Mawyer told Tucker he was astonished when he viewed the “educational” lesson plan that gives detailed instructions on Islamic prayers and rituals and had teachers quiz students on it.

Mawyer said he’s especially disgusted because similar lessons are not offered on Christianity, Judaism or any other religion.

“I’m frankly shocked at some of the lesson plans that students have to achieve in the classroom,” Mawyer said. “For example, teachers are expected to ask their students: ‘What do Muslim prayers sound like? What do Muslim prayer movements look like?’ Why does the federal government find that necessary?”

Carlson was stunned because these are public schools, not private religious institutions. “How can a teacher grade a student on these types of questions?” Carlson asked in disbelief.

Mawyer said he believes Islam-promoting liberals would be outraged if similar lessons on Christianity or another religion were forced down students’ throats at school.

“Well, we know the ACLU would be outraged!” Mawyer said. “They’d be running to the courthouse steps with a lawsuit in their hand. They’d probably break a leg trying to get up those steps fast enough.”

NJ Moms: Children Are Being Brainwashed

Amazingly, Islamic education lessons have become common across the United States. Last month, two New Jersey moms discussed how their middle-school age children are being brainwashed in Islam.

See video below of the Islamic lesson their children were forced to watch at the Chatham Middle School.

Libby Hilsenrath said her child’s “world cultures and geography class” only discusses Islam but doesn’t teach about the Christian and Jewish religions.  “I think it crosses the line, teaching one religion and not others,” she said.

Islamic indoctrination of schoolchildren is already normal in many European countries, like the Netherlands.

Twitter users were furious that federally-funded schools are forcing middle school and high school students to undergo detailed instruction on Islam, but not on any other religion. Most parents don’t want religion to be a part of their children’s public school curriculum.

Imagine If Muslim Kids Were Forced to Study Judaism

If Muslim students were forced to take detailed lessons on Christianity, you can be sure their parents would already have filed lawsuits.

NJ moms attacked as bigots for speaking out over school’s teaching of Islam in ‘core curriculum’

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