Reporter April Ryan warns about ‘imposter journalists’ in WH press room, and is promptly laughed off Twitter

Basking in the limelight that was certain to follow after a contentious exchange with White House press secretary Sean Spicer, reporter April Ryan is taking full advantage of the opportunity to hit back at the Trump administration.

…and in the process, show just how elitist much of the media actually is.

The Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks appeared on CNN Wednesday and was only too willing to play the victim after Spicer dared to tell Ryan to stop shaking her head as he responded to her question, suggesting he’s “showing a pattern” of sexist behavior toward female reporters.

Ryan went on to give the impression she had been living under a rock the last eight years during the media’s slobbering love affair with Barack Obama.

“Now, when it comes to fake news, oh yeah, there’s some fake news organizations out there reporting on them,” she insisted. “Also supporting some of the spin that’s offered from this White House and maybe other White Houses.”

But Ryan let slip the elitist attitude present with much of the established media in bemoaning that when it comes to White House briefings, “the dynamic has changed” under Trump.

“But I will tell you this, too, as well,” she continued. “In that room that I have been sitting in for 20 years and to see it recently, you just wonder about some of the people that are coming into the room now. Are they really journalists or are they spectators posing as journalists?”

The sheer hypocrisy was enough to send social media users over the rail… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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