Kayleigh McEnany torpedoes CNN RINO for insisting Ivanka’s ‘not qualified’ for WH job

ted cruz affair amanda carpenter calls ivanka trump unqualified

As a beautiful, intelligent, accomplished woman, Ivanka Trump has probably dealt with jealous types all her life.

So it’s no surprise that people who dislike her dad extend their antipathy toward her. Never-Trumper Amanda Carpenter is livid that Ivanka will take an official federal job as assistant to the president.

Ivanka will forgo the $176,000 salary that comes with the job, but will get security clearance and an office in the West Wing.

During the campaign and beyond, Ivanka was a trusted adviser to her dad, especially on women’s issues such as paid maternity leave and advancing the role of female executives in business. Why should that stop now, when her dad needs people he can trust around him the most?

“She’s not qualified!” Carpenter repeatedly yelled during a panel discussion with CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany. McEnany — a Harvard Law School graduate — torpedoed Carpenter, saying she needs to stop attacking Ivanka because she’s jealous.

“We should really respect and try to build up other women and not tear them down because we’re envious of what they have,” McEnany said.

“Ivanka graduated with honors from the Wharton School and was the executive vice president of a multi-billion-dollar business,” McEnany said. “She has communicated with foreign leaders as a business executive.”

Amanda Carpenter, a former staffer for Senator Ted Cruz, rose to fame last summer amid reports that she had a sexual affair with her married boss.

Throughout the presidential campaign, Carpenter was a vocal Cruz advocate who relentlessly attacked Donald Trump. Nothing has changed since Trump became president. Thanks to “conservatives” like Amanda Carpenter, Hillary Clinton almost won the White House.

amanda carpenter bed condom ted cruz affais
Carpenter denied having an affair with Ted Cruz when Instagram photos like this one helped fuel rumors on the presidential primary campaign trail.

In a recent column for Cosmopolitan magazine (which is known for shopping tips on thigh-high boots and lip gloss), Carpenter trashed Ivanka, saying she’s acting like “an entitled royal princess.”

Kayleigh McEnany said Amanda should stop being petty and recognize that Ivanka is more than qualified to be an “assistant” to her dad — a role she has done for years while running his business empire.

“You are doing more harm to the cause of feminism by tearing down another woman ruthlessly,” McEnany said. “We shouldn’t turn on other women because that’s a disservice to feminism. You should be cheering the fact that we have a working woman sitting next to the president who wants to highlight women’s issues.”

Boom! Game, set, match.

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