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Here’s the chilling 911 call after Oklahoma man blew away robbers with AR-15

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By Amber Randall, DCNF 

Zach Peters, 23, fatally shot Maxwell Cook, 19, Jacob Redfearn, 17,  Jaykob Woodruff, 16, with his AR-15 when they tried to break into his family’s home Monday.

Peters can be heard telling 911 operators that he just shot two intruders, after asking them to send help.

“I shot two of them, now I am barricaded in my bedroom. I can hear one of them talking,” Peters says.


Peters tells the operator he shot the intruders in the upper body, before telling them he used an AR-15 to do it.

“An AR-15,” Peters says when the dispatcher ask what weapon he used, according to the recording released Wednesday. “I am still armed in the southeast corner of my house.” The dispatcher tells him to disarm himself as the police are on their way.

Wagoner deputy sheriffs’ arrived on the scene to find three dead bodies. Two of the bodies had brass knuckles and a knife, according to local authorities.

One deputy sheriff  said they are investigating to see whether the shooting is self-defense.

“It looks like self-defense from the preliminary investigation, but that’s all speculative,” Wagoner County Deputy Nick Mahoney said. “There’s some speculation as to whether or not that (Stand Your Ground) law applies in this case, the simple answer is I don’t know.”

Police arrested Elizabeth Rodriguez for allegedly planning the robbery and acting as the getaway driver.

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