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Calif. Dem steals famous Texas slogan to prove she means business; gets laughed out of Dodge instead

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Sen. Kamala Harris raised a rallying cry for her big, bad state of California but the effort resulted in collective social media laughter.

“No, you don’t want to mess with California. Retweet if you agree,” the Democrat tweeted Tuesday, linking to an interview of Gov. Jerry Brown with Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Apparently, Harris thought the “Don’t mess with California” stance was somewhat on par with a “Don’t mess with Texas” declaration but, it seems, no one finds the lefties in the Golden State even slightly intimidating. To put it in perspective, Harris is the senator who complained she wouldn’t vote for Gorsuch because he’s a stickler for the law. No joke.

And the governor’s threat to “roll the Republicans right out of this town” was not exactly troubling.

“The federal government just can’t arbitrarily for political reasons punish the State of California, that’s number one. Number two, California is America. We’re 12 percent,” Brown said.

“We’re the innovation capital, high tech, agriculture, 40- to 50-billion-dollar industry,” he added. “You don’t want to mess with California, because you’re going to mess with the economy, and that could blow up in your face in a gigantic recession and roll the Republicans right out of this town.”

Twitter users quickly put out Harris’ fire with a solid reality check.

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