Reporters blindly sound alarm on Trump’s gold Easter egg; end up with egg ALL OVER their faces!

Journalists were is full mockery mode on Wednesday when the Easter eggs being sold by the White House were announced.

They just couldn’t wait to mock President Donald Trump for selling a gold egg.

The New York Times’ Julie Davis was among the first to notice.

Liberal White House reporter April Ryan gets ‘Spiced’ not once, but twice, and it was glorious

But she was far from the only one.

They were too quick to attack and forgot check history.

Interesting. And no one cared to report on that breaking news?

Your memory? Yeah. That’s it.

Trump-bashing libs demand Fox fire O’Reilly for joke about Maxine Waters wearing ‘James Brown wig’

Not everyone believed that it wasn’t what it appeared to be. Another partisan attack.


h/t: Twitchy.

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Carmine Sabia


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