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‘I cannot be intimidated’: Maxine Waters says she’s too classy to respond to O’Reilly, but then this…

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Rep. Maxine Waters will not accept the apology of TV host Bill O’Reilly.

The controversial California representative, who never misses an opportunity to race bait or play the woman card, did both last night when she spoke to MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

“I’m a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated. I cannot be undermined. I cannot be thought to be afraid of Bill O’Reilly or anybody,” she said. “I’d like to say to women out there everywhere, don’t allow these right-wing talking heads, these dishonorable people, to intimidate you or scare you. Be who you are! Do what you do! And let us get on with discussing the real issues of this country!”

Trump-bashing libs demand Fox fire O’Reilly for joke about Maxine Waters wearing ‘James Brown wig’

Waters was responding to comments made by the Fox News host on Tuesday where he compared her hair to a “James Brown wig.”

But, she told Hayes, she was not going to respond to O’Reilly and instead thanked “Hillary Clinton for standing up for all women and, in particular, for black women” in a speech on Tuesday.

It took her a matter of seconds to break that promise and attack O’Reilly and his former Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

“Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes have no credibility,” she said. “They have been sued by women. They’ve had to pay millions of dollars out in fines for harassment and other kinds of things and so we know about that checkered past.

“When a woman stands up and speaks truth to power, there will be an attempt to put her down,” she continued in her rant. “I’m not going to be put down, I’m not going to go anywhere. I’m going to stay on the issues.”

This is the same Waters who has been angling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump since before he took office. A stance, she admitted, is even disliked by some of her fellow Democrats.

And Waters wasn’t the only person to turn down O’Reilly’s apology: social media denizens continued to call for the Fox News host to be fired because making fun of hair is “racist.”

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