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Veteran at VA hospital snaps pic of Trump’s portrait substituted with a potted plant – it didn’t sit well

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Military service members — both active and retired — are happy that they finally have a president they can look up to after eight years of former President Obama.

So when Vietnam War veteran Joe Carollo saw the portrait of President Donald Trump missing at his local Veterans Affairs hospital, he saw red and didn’t hesitate to raise a clamor about the facility’s “disrespect” to his commander-in-chief.

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Clip via Fox News Channel

He told Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” that instead of a photo of Trump and David Sulking, the VA secretary, on display at the VA hospital in Port St. Lucie hospital, he found one of former Secretary Robert McDonald and a potted plant.

Getting the proper portraits up has been something of a crusade for Rep. Brian Mast, a double-amputee veteran turned Florida congressman.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Carollo said.

So Carollo marched up to the receptionist’s desk to find out what the holdup was.

“She told me it was out of her control,” he said, adding that it was up to the Palm Beach County facility, which was where Mast first noticed the omission.

Mast said at the times that the VA’s omission wasn’t an oversight — it was a political decision.

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“That afternoon there put the picture up,” Carollo said, adding that several other Florida VA facilities haven’t yet made the [portrait change.

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