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Portland judge allows man to legally become genderless, call himself Patch

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If only we had a patch to guard against the disease of progressivism…

The city of Portland, Oregon, is fast competing with neighboring Seattle for the title of progressive capital of America, the home of safe space-seeking social justice warriors everywhere.

The same liberal judge who ruled that a transgender person can legally change their sex to “non-binary” has gone one better; Multnomah County Judge Amy Holmes Hehn has said a Portland resident can be genderless, CBS Sacramento reported.

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Hehn granted a petition on March 10 allowing Patrick Abbatiello to go from male to “agender” —  a person who does not identify themselves as a man or a woman.

The person formerly known as Abbatiello was also able to legally change his name to Patch.

…that’s it, just Patch.

The odds not being favorable that he represents a patch to the missing chromosome that causes the mental illness known as liberalism.

“It’s not that I decided I was genderless – that’s just how it is,” Patch said. “I never felt like I fell within any part of the gender spectrum. None of the binary options, nothing in-between.

“I don’t consider myself non-binary because that’s an umbrella term for anything that isn’t binary, which is gender identity.”

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Of course, a quick glance down Patch’s trousers could alleviate much of his confusion.

Tom Tillison


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