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Naked hypocrisy! Totally un-opinionated divas of ‘The View’ pile on Sean Hannity for having an opinion

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The hypocrisy was strong with the ladies of ABC’s “The View” on Monday.

As she praised Ted Koppel for calling Sean Hannity “bad for America,” Whoopi Goldberg led off an attack on Fox News and Hannity for being biased and not caring about facts when reporting the news.

And while Hannity fired back at Koppel yesterday and dared him to show the entire interview, the women of “The View” didn’t see a need to mention that during their bash Fox News and Hannity fest.

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Moments later Goldberg said the entire Fox News Channel promoted the idea that former President Obama was not born in the United States, an outright lie.

Which is par for the course with “The View,” a show that, since it’s inception, has championed nearly every far left issue imaginable while bashing Republicans every chance they got.

“Facts are hard to find on Fox,” Goldberg said. “For years they pretended they didn’t know where President Obama was born.”

“That’s not true,” Jedediah Bila said. “I worked there I promise you it’s not true,” she said.

But Goldberg would not allow Bila to make her point as she shouted over her and took control.

Goldberg made the most hypocritical statement of the entire segment.

“Even when you are an opinion show it is your obligation to at least get a fact right,” she said before she tried to hide behind calling their show an “entertainment show,” exempting them from such scrutiny.

The truth is “The View” is a division of ABC News and is supposed to be, at least, fact based.

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The hypocrisy, and Goldberg’s usual bullying tactics, were noticed by social media.

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