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Master-level: Check out his response when this student calls Dinesh D’Souza a ‘hack’

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If you plan to challenge Dinesh D’Souza, you’d better bring your cerebral A game.

…and if you’re going to insult him, expect the conservative filmmaker to up the ante.

Trinity University Young Americans for Freedom hosted D’Souza earlier this month and during a Q&A session, an op-ed writer for the school newspaper decided to make an ass of himself, taking a cheap shot at President Donald Trump in the process.

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“Full disclosure,” the young man said, “I wrote an article saying that I think you are a hack.”

“Now, I came with an open mind, and I was disappointed to find that much like much of the current president’s comments, yours are based on… sort of shallow logic, a lack of expertise, no real facts and economic ignorance,” the student continued, before then asking a question about trade.

Showing not even the slightest indication of having taken offense, D’Souza proceeded to carve the poor kid up, drawing a standing ovation from the full auditorium.

D’Souza pointed out that if he said something that was arguably or factually wrong, it would be “very easy for someone to point it out.”

“So normally, if you’re gonna call someone a ‘hack,’ you should kinda try to establish your own ‘bona fides,’ you know?” he said.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” D’Souza tells the crowd as they begin to applaud.

“Look, a certain amount of moral indignation is the staple of being a late teen, and so I think we should be indulgent.”


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