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Muslim police officer backed by CAIR sues for wrongful termination; so what’s the true story?

Muslim officer Ramtin Sabet claims he was fired for complaining about years of religious discrimination by his peers, but the police district say they fired Sabet because he made anti-semitic comments about Jews.
Ramtin Sabet claims he was fired for complaining about islamophobia, but his bosses say they fired him for making anti-Jewish slurs.

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A Muslim police officer filed a wrongful termination lawsuit claiming religious discrimination after being fired for allegedly making anti-Jewish slurs and violating department rules.

Ramtin Sabet is an Iranian-born officer who started working for the North Chicago Police Department in 2007.

Sabet claims he was fired last month after complaining to his superiors about a pattern of harassment from his peers, whom he claimed mocked him as a terrorist and made jokes about falafel and hummus.

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Sabet alleges the harassment started a few years ago, Fox News reported. It’s unclear what triggered the sudden harassment, since Sabet doesn’t claim he was harassed during his entire 10-year tenure. Did his peers “suddenly” become islamophobic?

The North Chicago Police Department denied Sabet’s claims, and said it fired him for violating department rules. Sabet is also accused of making anti-Semitic slurs against Jews and then lying about it to investigators. It is extremely hard to get a cop fired because of well-funded police unions.

“I filed a complaint, I wanted the harassment to stop,” Sabet said. “They turned it all the way around on me and they terminated me.”

Sabet’s lawsuit is being backed by CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations), the militant Muslim advocacy group that was designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

If Ramtin Sabet is telling the truth, there would probably be a paper trail of complaints he had filed over the years documenting his harassment. It’s unclear if such paperwork exists to corroborate his religious discrimination claims.

Sabet said he wants to empower other Muslims to fight back. The North Chicago Police Department said it plans to “vigorously defend” itself against the suit.

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