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Anti-Trump ‘black bloc’ thugs crash Philly rally, trigger bizarre events; ‘craziest thing I’ve ever seen’

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A pro-Trump rally in Philadelphia was overtaken Saturday by violent “anti-fascists,” known as Antifa, who succeeded in forcing the event to shut down early.

Wearing the prerequisite black hoodies and covering their faces, anti-Trump thugs were determined to disrupt the peaceful event and did just that when they usurped the scheduled rally that was part of a national effort, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Arriving early, the anti-Trump protesters overtook the planned march route. Citing safety concerns, police initially prevented the pro-Trump forces from following suit, even though they had the required permits.


As designed, chaos was the order of the day. In addition to throwing smoke bombs, the counter-demonstrators burned the American flag, which has become a standard from the group sometimes referred to as “black bloc.”



The Trump rally was eventually allowed to take place, but they were unable to finish the march after police advised them to stop because of “concerns for their safety and for innocent people.”



Not that police were all that accommodating to those causing all the mayhem.



The chaos included a bizarre scene of kids on bikes joining in, which was described by a reporter on hand as “the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”


There were plenty of confrontations between the Trump supporters who were there legally and the anti-Trump forces, to include an appearance from Black Lives Matter.


And while police were happy that there were no serious injuries, the thugs celebrated forcing the pro-Trump rally to be cancelled altogether… as they planned all along.


Tom Tillison


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