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Reality TV show goes off air but leaves contestants in wilderness for a year

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Eden” is being billed as the reality show that went off air but left the cast in the wild.

The reality TV show was filmed in in the Scottish Highlands and featured men and women trying “to build a new life and new society from scratch, isolated from the rest of the world.”

…so isolated that nobody saw much of the program.

Turns out, while the filming concluded this week, the British TV show was taken off air last August and the participants “year of toil in the wilderness barely made it on to television,” The Guardian reported.

But the cast was never told that their ordeal had not been broadcast since last year.

More from The Guardian:

The programme, which first aired in July last year, was billed as a social experiment where 23 strangers were brought to the remote west Highlands of Scotland to build a self-sufficient community away from technology and modern tools. The year-long saga would be recorded by four crew members and personal cameras.

However, only four episodes of the show – covering March, April and May – were screened, as viewing figures dropped from 1.7m to 800,000. Sexual jealousy, infighting and hunger also meant that over the year, a reported 13 of the 23 contestants left the show, though Channel 4 would not confirm the dropouts.


Channel 4 said the show would return to screens later this year, but locals say it had become “a joke,” with junk food and alcohol being smuggled in and some participants reportedly were seen visiting the dentist.

Even one of the participant who left early suggested as much.

Tom Wah posted on social media last year that he “left because it wasn’t what I was told it was going to be. What you see on TV is all bullshit. You’re not seeing the whole picture. The program is extremely misleading,” according to The Guardian.

Tom Tillison


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