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PBS host Tavis Smiley chats up clueless Catholic nun, compares healthcare bill to … ‘a drive-by shooting’

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PBS host Tavis Smiley compared the Paul Ryan-led attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare to a drive-by shooting and questioned his Catholic faith on his show the day before the bill failed to be approved.

In an interview with a Catholic nun, Sister Simone Campbell, he compared the bill to a “drive-by shooting” that would “kill” some “innocent bystanders on Thursday,” MRC TV reported.

“They may not be the targets, but there are often innocent victims who are — the bystanders.They get hit in a drive-by. Somebody came through there to kill somebody — and you weren’t the target, but you got killed as an innocent bystander,” Smiley said. “Does he not — so if he doesn’t see them as the targets, does he see them as potentially innocent persons who are going to get killed in this drive-by?”

That remark came after Smiley and Campbell cast aspersions on the House speaker’s faith.

“You’re a Catholic,” Smiley said. “Last I checked, Paul Ryan is a Catholic.”

“He alleges it. I wonder some days. I wonder,” Campbell said. Ironically not noting that the current Obamacare law allows for the funding of Planned Parenthood, an abortion provider, and birth control. Two things the Catholic church is opposed to.

Campbell said she believes Rep. Ryan “dismisses” the people who won’t be covered as “small potatoes” and “collateral damage.”

“The suffering about to come if this bill passes is historic, is untold,” she said.

Smiley said President Donald trump has an excuse for it because he made a campaign promise to repeal Obamacare but Ryan doesn’t have the same cover because he is a Catholic.

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