Crazed Dem shrieks wild accusations at GOP on House floor — and wants you to believe she’s the sane one

Connecticut Rep. Rosa Delauro became unhinged in a rant of the House floor Friday as she railed against the new Republican healthcare plan.

Behaving more like she belonged hand-in-hand with Ashley Judd at the Women’s March, Delauro said the GOP healthcare plan was going to be detrimental to the elderly.

“Working people, older Americans, are going to pay for a tax cut for the richest people in this nation,” she yelled.

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“It makes me believe that this is the case,” she said as she held up a pink sign.

“What does the GOP stand for? Get old people! That’s what this bill does. That’s what people are going to vote yes for today,” she shrieked.

It was reminiscent of Talia Shire’s “Connie Corleone” character screaming “That’s your husband! That’s your husband” to Kay Corleone, the wife of mafia leader Michael Corleone in “The Godfather.”

Social media found her rant hilarious.

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