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Actress Patricia Arquette’s bizarre Trump conspiracy theory instantly comes back to haunt her

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And people accuse conservatives of being conspiracy theorists?

After the London terrorist attack that left four people dead, including an American who was celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife who was severely injured, liberal Hollywood loon Patricia Arquette said the next such attack is on President Donald Trump.

Arquette warned her 164 thousand Twitter followers to keep firmly in mind that until the alleged Trump-Russia connection is resolved, “any terrorist attack or any other crap” that may occur will likely have been set up by the White House.

She really left it wide open, didn’t she?

One hundred sixty-four thousand followers or not, she was roundly mocked — and rightfully so.

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Ashley Judd is another Hollywood crazy always going off the deep end. Could there be a connection?

Maybe this one calls for “The X-Files” crack team of paranormal FBI special agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully? What’s their take?

And then there’s this:

And Attila the Hun! Don’t forget Attila the Hun!

London’s first Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, went off the deep end one way by claiming terrorism should be considered a way of life in large cities, an opinion earning a stern rebuke fro, the president’s eldest son, Donald Jr.

Arquette went off the deep end in a whole different direction.


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