Millions get profanity-laced tweets from ABC’s hacked account; declare love for Trump and so much more…

**Warning for harsh language.

There has been plenty of finger-pointing with fake news lately but tweets sent from the official ABC News account immediately raised suspicions of hacking.

Seems ABC may not have had some basic precautions in place as it announced that three of its Twitter accounts were hacked Thursday morning. According to an Associated Press report, the hacked accounts then sent “out profanity-filled tweets to its millions of followers.”

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As ABC and GMA deleted the tweets the hackers inundated them with more:

Twitter users figured out what had happened but posted the strangely entertaining tweets as they came up.

Maybe the pro-President Trump tweets set off the alarm.

ABC later announced that the issue was resolved and “errant tweets” were removed.

But not before countless screenshots were taken.

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One savvy Twitter user had an idea how the hackers got into the accounts:

Frieda Powers


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