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Frustrated Ann Coulter’s about had it with the GOP, even saves a shocking zinger for…Trump!

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Is the honeymoon over for Ann Coulter?

The conservative author and columnist, who once declared that she didn’t care if then-candidate Donald Trump wanted “to perform abortions in White House” declared that she’s now disappointed with his support of the American Health Care Act.

The Trump White House “is beginning to look like every other administration,” a clearly agitated Coulter said on Sean Hannity’s radio program Tuesday. “He’s moving money from one swamp to the another.”

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As a strict border control advocate, having written “Adios America,” Coulter has been one of the president’s strongest supporters from the beginning. Her latest book’s title, “In Trump We Trust,” says it all.

“Trump has got to get off this stuff and get off tax cuts and get back on the stuff that got him elected,” Coulter added. “We want more jobs, a wall and lots of deportations.”

She preceded her Hannity appearance with several observations, beginning with the president’s poll numbers.

Conservative lawmakers, led by the House Freedom coalition, are balking at signing on to the bill, claiming that it doesn’t completely dismantle Obamacare and it fails to address issues such as tort reform and the ability to purchase insurance across state lines.

And Coulter followed her Hannity appearance with a very Trumoesque Twitter storm, in which she addressed, among other things, the replacing Obamacare’s subsidies with the GOP plan’s tax credits:

She also commented on a piece from The Hill, in which Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie announced he was changing his vote on the American Health Care Act from “no” to “hell no.”

A Wednesday announcement from White House press secretary Sean Spicer that he was on TV discussing Trump’s proposed border wall appeared to put Coulter in a better frame of mind.

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Normalcy has been restored — at least for the present.

The House vote on the American Health Care Act is scheduled for Thursday.


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