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‘Costumes, hats, now THIS’? Feminists out dumb themselves in desperate stunt to get Trump’s attention

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In a play on the vagina costumes brought into fashion by the hard left kooks at Code Pink, a group of feminists plan to send letters to President Donald Trump.

…in a giant vagina.

The “project” was commissioned by the feminist social media platform Mogul as part of a campaign called #ReadMyLips — how clever — which invites women to “write the president with their convictions and concerns regarding women’s rights and health under Trump’s administration.”

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Woman eager to prove they are more than the sum of their body parts are always quick to use said body parts to deliver shock value while disseminating their failed liberal message.

The display of how vile they can be intended to offend the sensibilities of so-called conservative “prudes.”

“Women have nothing to hide; we only have our determination, spirit and strong minds to be proud of,” said organizer Michelle Wen.

And after the giant vagina prop, never have truer words been spoken.

Conservative talk show host Dana Loesch took to Twitter to ask why social justice warriors are so “obsessed with vaginas?”

A sentiment shared by Katie Pavlich, the news editor for Townhall.com:

Based on the reaction by social media users, the answer may be summed up in two words: “Mental Illness.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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