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Wait, did Judge Gorsuch just eye roll Al Franken? Check out ‘favorite response of the day’

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Judge Neil Gorsuch just completed his second day of hearings, and thus far the Supreme Court nominee has displayed more than the patience of Job when it comes to dealing with looney Dems hellbent on nitpicking and grandstanding to appease their Leftist base.

But, could there have been an ever-so-quick crack in the normally stoic Gorsuch’s demeanor? After all, in addition to dealing with Democratic Senators Dick Durbin and Patrick Leahy, the judge also had to endure questioning from Mr. Stuart Smalley himself, Al Franken.

Come on, wouldn’t YOU have been tempted to roll your eyes at least once, if not during the whole ridiculous thing?

If Gorsuch is HALF as good on Supreme Court as he is at making Feinstein look a fool, he’ll be AMAZING


Sure looks like it!

H/T Twitchy

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