‘That’s not okay’: Parents are fighting back after school’s lessons call Trump Hitler, Mussolini

Parents are outraged about a lesson at a New York high school that included President Donald Trump in curriculum on fascism and Adolf Hitler.

A group of moms in Saratoga Springs calling themselves the “Conservative Chicks” are fighting back against what they are calling “radical left-wing indoctrination” according to Todd Starnes.

A tenth grade teacher at the school taught on the rise of fascism during World War II by referencing Trump, but according to Marnie Messit, one of the mothers who spoke with “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, this was a “school-wide” presentation.

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The lesson plan was posted on the school district’s website but has since been hidden by a password protection according to Starnes.

“Teaching about fascism as a political movement in the context of World War II is part of the curriculum,” superintendent Mike Piccirillo told Starnes, defending the curriculum and pointing out that students were shown cartoons of Trump to debate whether the comparisons were fair or accurate.

The superintendent did not answer Starnes’ question on whether the teacher informed students that the comparisons were not, in fact, accurate.

According to Starnes, a lesson graphic on the website showed “early warning signs of fascism” including:

·      Nationalism

·      Obession with national security

·      Religion and government intertwined

·      Rampant sexism

·      Fraudulent elections

·      Obsession with crime and punishment

Mother and co-founder of Conservative Chicks, Julie Tellstone, was angry that the school board did not address the lesson or the national attention the story is receiving in its meeting Tuesday night.

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“Not one word was spoken of the national coverage and the parent concern over comparing our president…to brutal dictators who are responsible for killing millions of people,” Tellstone said. “That’s not okay.”

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