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Brilliant Pelosi has a plan … but you have to vote Democrat to see what’s in it

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But you’ll have to vote for Democrats so that you can find out what that plan is.

During House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi‘s appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” the show’s host observed that the Democratic Party has been suffering huge losses at the polls in recent elections.

“But we have a plan to address that,” the California Democrat replied, without offering a hint as to what that plan might be.

Pelosi appeared flustered and confused when asked about Democratic Party leadership.

She mentioned former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the national level and observed that the party had “leaders in Congress” as well as governors who are Democrats.

If Gorsuch is HALF as good on Supreme Court as he is at making Feinstein look a fool, he’ll be AMAZING

She never mentioned former Obama administration Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who was elected as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee less than a month ago. How soon they forget.

Twitter tweeps thought her appearance hilarious and typical for her.

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And at least one person observed that perhaps Pelosi’s priorities were skewed.

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Perhaps the problem is closer to home for Pelosi. If the voters in San Francisco would stop sending Pelosi to Congress, or House Democrats stopped electing her as their leader, that could be a step in the right direction for her party.


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