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If Gorsuch is HALF as good on Supreme Court as he is at making Feinstein look a fool, he’ll be AMAZING

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Maybe next time Sen. Dianne Feinstein will heed the wisdom of the proverbial “Don’t spit in the wind.”

The plans of the Democrat senator and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to be tough on Neil Gorsuch flew back in her own face during Tuesday’s Senate confirmation hearings for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Feinstein unsuccessfully confronted Gorsuch about whether he would be sympathizing with corporations and not giving the little guy “a fair shot,” stating that she was “looking for something that would indicate” that direction in his past cases.

She was probably sorry to have brought it up once Gorsuch very respectfully began to reply.

“A case or two has been mentioned yesterday,” the 49-year-old federal appellate judge responded. “Respectfully, I’d suggest that does not represent the body of my work.”

He explained that he has participated in more than 2,700 opinions over the last 10 years.

“If you want cases where I’ve ruled for the little guy as well as the big guy, there are plenty of those,” he continued, naming several examples while destroying Feinstein’s argument before her eyes.

“Senator, the bottom line that I’d like to convey to you, from the bottom of my heart, is that I’m a fair judge,” Gorsuch concluded.

Sen. Ted Cruz had blasted Democrats Monday for slandering Gorsuch by accusing him of being “against the little guy.” The Texas senator suggested they need to “take a long look in the mirror.”

The Colorado judge who currently sits on the bench of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals maintained his soft-spoken and polite tone throughout the questioning, even when Feinstein tried to corner him on Roe v. Wade.

“Do you view Roe as having super-precedent?” the California senator asked Gorsuch, who once again, took the wind out of her sails.

Feinstein apparently didn’t see any problem with her question and proudly shared the tweet on her own page.

Other Twitter users found the exchange entertaining and applauded Gorsuch for owning the senator more than once.

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