Despite Trudeau, weary Canadians sour on mass immigration as country feels major influx

A Reuters/Ipsos poll out this week shows that nearly half of Canadians want to deport people who are illegally crossing into their country from the United States.

An equal number disapprove of how Prime Minister Justin “Diversity is our Strength” Trudeau is handling the influx, CBC News reported.

The “dreamy” prime minister, touting Canada’s diversity, said in response to President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban in January his country will welcome unwanted refugees.

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Turns out, Canadians are just as concerned about illegal immigration as their upstart American neighbors.

Somalia is among the six countries subject to a temporary ban by Trump‘s executive order and many Somalis in the U.S. illegally are trekking north to escape the clutches of the new sheriff in the White House.

…and are reportedly overwhelming Canadian welfare agencies and worrying taxpayers.

A quick scan of social media suggests Canadians are now getting a small sampling of what Americans have been dealing with for years.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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