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‘Homeland’ pushes the liberal narrative with fake news ‘sock puppet’

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Never underestimate the important role pop culture plays in advancing the liberal narrative.

This week’s episode of Showtime’s “Homeland” runs with a plot line that includes a play on “fake news” — the second such occurrence on the popular show, according to Media Research Center.

Homeland features a character presumably based on Alex Jones and a scene in this week’s show highlights the use of thousands of fake social media accounts by a company he runs to facilitate the “fake news” effort.

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To ensure the right-wing connection’s not missed, the characters employ usernames like “Iraqbob,” “Navywife” and “Deltaforcegroupie.”

More from MRC on this week’s show:

In the March 19th episode “Sock Puppets,” Max (Maury Sterling) gets a job working for a company under Brett O’Keefe (Jake Weber, the Jones character). His first assignment is to help find and retrieve 22,000 “sock puppet” accounts lost from their network. As the plot goes on, there’s a slightly disturbing realization as to what those “sock puppets” are for.


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