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There’s no evidence, but Wa-Po declares ‘Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them’

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For years, a sympathetic mainstream media has been slanting coverage in favor of illegal immigrants and that effort is now on steroids with a Republican president in the White House vowing to crack down on the ever-expanding problem.

No better example of this can be found than a Washington Post “Wonkblog” article announcing, “Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them.”

Nothing tugs at the heartstrings of compassionate Americans quicker than the thought of a hungry child, and The Post’s Caitlin Dewey is quick to report that illegal immigrant mothers are withdrawing from the SNAP program out of fear of President Donald Trump‘s efforts to enforce the law — even if it means risking hunger for their children.

If the unambiguous headline strikes you as leading, it’s a stepped-up effort from the original: “Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them.”

That was likely before the editors got a hold of the piece.

Even more striking than the headline is the fact that the story may very well be #FakeNews.

…according to the Washington Post!

“The evidence is still anecdotal — and The Washington Post was unable to speak directly with immigrants who chose to cancel their SNAP benefits,” Dewey wrote.

But that didn’t stop Dewey from pointing to Trump, saying “food banks and hunger advocates around the country have noted a decline in the number of eligible immigrants applying for SNAP — and an uptick in immigrants seeking to withdraw from the program” since the January inauguration.

Tom Tillison


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