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My steamy Maxim photo shoot should be ignored or you are sexist, says Dem congressional candidate

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There’s little doubt congressional candidate Alejandra Campoverdi is a Democrat…

Campoverdi is running for California’s 34th district to succeed Rep. Xavier Becerra and while she sees nothing sexist about posing for a men’s magazine while wearing sexy lingerie, it is sexist if you draw attention to the photos.

She also condemns men for casting “leering glances” her way.

In an essay published by Cosmopolitan magazine, Campoverdi goes on the offensive, pushing back against any attention to the 2004 photos by claiming there’s a “double standard” in politics.

“Sexism and misogyny are nothing new in politics,” the candidate wrote. “Female political staffers and politicians have been facing off-color comments and leering glances and have been excluded from ‘at capacity’ meetings for decades.”

The former Maxim model worked as an unpaid intern on then Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and secured a White House gig after he was elected president.

Campoverdi, a Mexican-American who graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a master’s degree in public policy, said that’s when she became a real victim of misogyny.

“One week into the job, photos from an old shoot for Maxim surfaced and spread like an arsonist’s fire,” she explained. “Right behind the photos followed the hotter, more humiliating blaze of unveiled snark that pointedly implied that I didn’t deserve what I’d accomplished and had been overambitious for even trying in the first place.”

And when a newspaper inquired about the sexy photos recently, Campoverdi said, “enough already.”

“Now, eight years later, as I run for Congress, I understand a lot more about the systemic sexism in politics than the young woman who beat herself up and took all the shaming so personally,” she wrote.

“Yet when I recently found myself forced to answer questions about Maxim by a reputable newspaper in my official announcement for Congress, I knew I had to speak out about this double standard.”

Tom Tillison


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