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Ted Cruz lights up Twitter when he identifies hilarious music video as a ‘tribute to Snowflakes everywhere’

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The fact that he can have a reputation as a somewhat stodgy egghead makes the times when Senator Ted Cruz does choose to display his sense of humor even more notable. So, when Cruz tweets out a link to a hilarious video with the note that it’s a “tribute to snowflakes everywhere,” you … should … definitely … watch … it.

Here’s the PolitiChicks tweet that Cruz retweeted, which is a link to a music video by Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew (aka Larry the Liberal).

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And here’s the video! The song is a parody of Garth Brooks’ 90’s era megahit “Friends in Low Places.”

“Blame it all on our roots, we never wore boots, we never once played in the streets. Feel very bitter, got news off of Twitter, we just can’t handle defeat. You saw the surprise, and the fear in our eyes, when Donald became President. You screamed this can’t be true, America’s through, and to the safe space we went! I got friends in safe spaces, if you don’t go with us then you must be racist, that’s our catch phase. Where’s my latte? Come on in and let’s get cozy, showing off participation trophies, watching CNN, safe spaces!”

Yeah, it just gets better from there. Not unexpectedly, the tweet did bring out plenty of snowflakes critical of Cruz’s humor:

And finally, some support for the Texas senator:

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