LA Times sends out dire call to keep funding the arts; too bad for them it has backfire written all over it

It seems a plan by The Los Angeles Times to sound the alarm on art funding may have backfired.

President Trump’s proposed budget plan could result in cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts, which received $148 million from the federal government last year.

The L.A. Times may have chosen the wrong example to use in its argument against defunding the NEA in a piece published on Thursday.

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That should settle it.

Never mind that the L.A. Times is calling for federal subsidies for works like “Hamilton” which can cost you nearly $1,000 a ticket to see.

Citing the play as a reason to keep funding flowing will probably not win over the president. Trump waged a Twitter feud with the cast of the musical last year after an actor lectured then-Vice President-elect Mike Pence about inclusion after a performance.

Twitter users had plenty of responses to the L.A. Times’ poor choice “Hamilton” to advocate government funding, unless they were trying to defund it the whole time.

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