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Trump slams federal judge who blocked ‘travel ban’ to raucous applause in Nashville: ‘We’re going to fight’

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Round two was also blocked by a federal judge, and the president isn’t at all happy.

President Donald Trump ripped U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson after Watson, sitting in Honolulu, Hawaii, issued a temporary halt to Trump’s travel ban from six Middle Eastern countries Wednesday.

Trump delivered “the bad, the sad news” to a huge rally of supporters in Nashville, Tennessee shortly after the ruling was handed down.

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“The order he blocked was a watered-down version of the first one,” Trump said, as the crowd booed.

“This is, in the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach,” he added, and then pledged to continue battling the judiciary.

“We’re going to fight this terrible ruling. We’re going to take this case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the Supreme Court,” he vowed.

“We’re going to win and we’re going to keep our citizens safe,” he promised. “The danger is clear. The law is clear. The need for my executive order is clear.”

The judge ruled that Trump’s revised executive order violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits the establishment of any religion by Congress.

The president’s revised temporary travel ban makes no mention of religion whatsoever.

“The illogic of the government’s contentions is palpable,” Watson nevertheless wrote. “The notion that one can demonstrate animus toward any group of people only by targeting all of them at once is fundamentally flawed.”

As expected, Trump’s supporters had his back.

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One suggested sending the refugees to Hawaii.

And another observed that Hawaii, ironically, is shipping all of its homeless to the continental United States.

Author and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino observed that Hawaii is within the Ninth U.S. Circuit, and is where Watson’s order would first be appealed to.


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