‘Squeals, selfies, the works.’ It wasn’t only Trump who received a rock star’s welcome at Nashville rally

President Donald Trump’s supporters not only gave him a rousing welcome at a Nashville rally, they treated his press secretary like a rock star as well.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got a taste of celebrity status at the president’s rally held in Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium on Wednesday. He was surrounded by supporters and well-wishers who wanted to meet him and take selfies with him as he made his way to the floor of the auditorium to check in with the press for the evening.

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Spicer took some moments to answer questions.

Reporters documented the reaction in photos and tweets.

ABC News’ senior White House correspondent, Cecilia Vega, remarked in a tweet that Spicer had a “serious fan base” in town.

Julie Davis with the New York Times thought the press secretary was treated like a member of the Jonas Brothers rock band.

White House reporter for NBC News, Ali Vitali, and many others shared comments and photos on the reception for Spicer.

It seems the Saturday Night Live impressions of Spicer mocking his press briefings and his recent encounter with an unhinged liberal who harassed him while shopping at an Apple store, have made him a recognizable face in the Trump administration.

But like most liberal plans of personal attack, things seem to have backfired with Spicer as proved by supporters swarming him at the event.

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