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‘For shame on you, sir!’ CNN segment gets UGLY when debate on travel ban keeps coming back to Israel

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A discussion on President Trump’s revised travel ban took an unexpected and ugly turn on CNN.

Host Don Lemon was unable to prevent a panel discussion on “CNN Tonight” from getting heated and personal on Wednesday as guests debated Trump’s temporary travel ban from six Muslim-majority countries.

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There was no going back after former federal prosecutor John Flannery accused Harvard Law School’s Alan Dershowitz of supporting the ban because it benefited Israel.

“Our dear colleague, Alan Dershowitz, I think, hopes that this may secure Israel,” Flannery said.

“What are you talking about?” Dershowitz shot back.

“I think it’s a powerful argument that we’ve established religion in this fashion through this ban that is transparently against Muslims,” Flannery continued after being interrupted.

“You’re lying through your teeth,” Dershowitz replied. “I never said a word about Israel. When you focus on everything I say about Israel it really raises questions about your own bigotry and biases, so let’s get to the point and just keep your mouth shut.”

The debate momentarily shifted to the legality of the ban as Dershowitz said he believed that though it was“bad policy” it was still constitutional.

The 78 year-old constitutional and criminal law scholar, a 50-year member of the Democratic Party, had defended Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon last year against claims he was an anti-Semite.

The discussion on CNN quickly returned to Israel, setting Dershowitz off.

“What does this have to do with Israel?” he asked Flannery. “Why in your bigoted background do you have to bring in Israel to attack me? Your bigotry is showing.”

“I believe that’s the reason you’re taking the position you are,” Flannery fired back.

“You can’t believe anything I say because I’m a Jew and a Zionist?” Dershowitz asked in amazement as Lemon tried to regain control, prompting the panelists “let’s move on.”

“For shame on you sir,” Dershowitz continued as Flannery spoke at the same time. “I never want to be on the show with this bigot again.”

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