Maddow’s sorry excuse for Trump’s ‘sterling’ tax return reeks of desperation

A stammering Rachel Maddow made a desperate attempt to prove why revealing President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return was actually newsworthy.

One night after the MSNBC host earned scathing backlash for her alleged scoop of Trump’s taxes from over a decade ago, she was back with an excuse, trying to save the sinking ship.

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Delivering another longwinded diatribe a seemingly nervous Maddow finally found her way to her desperate argument.

Although Trump’s 1040 admittedly ended up showing the president in a “positive light” by revealing he had paid $38 million in taxes, Maddow argued that 2005 was an “atypical year for his tax preparation strategy.”

“2005 is the year Mr. Trump married his lovely wife Melania,” Maddow said. “This was their first jointly filed tax return as a married couple.”

That tax return was needed by Melania Trump to get her 2016 citizenship interview, Maddow pointed out. At the time, she was not a a U.S. citizen but had a green card.

“And that tax return would be used as a very important piece of evidence as to whether or not she should get citizenship,” Maddow said.

“So you better believe the 2005 tax return is going to be sterling, right?” she continued.  “That it’s going to display excellent citizenship and no red flags whatsoever.”

Maddow carried on with her premise, giving more reasons why the 2005 tax return would need to show that level of income and taxes paid.

Needless to say, her attempt earned another round of criticism as viewers quickly called her out on Twitter.

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