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Heated presser goes off the rails when CNN’s Acosta accuses Spicer of ‘quoting’ Sean Hannity

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A White House press conference didn’t take long to go off the rails.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer fended questions about President Trump’s allegations that Trump Tower had its “wires tapped.”

Spicer defended Trump citing numerous news reports that have suggested the same. But it was when Spicer mentioned the New York Times that CNN’s Jim Acosta butted in with his biased two cents.

“You were just quoting Sean Hannity there.”

That didn’t sit well with Spicer who accused Acosta of “cherry-picking” his comments.  Acosta fired back that Spicer would not answer a question about a recently released Senate Intel Committee statement that stated there was no “indications” of surveillance at Trump Tower.

Spicer ultimately concluded that the investigation is ongoing, before inadvertently letting slip that Acosta has “zero intelligence.”

It was a slip of the tongue and made for a much-needed laugh to lighten the moment.

You can have a watch below. The fireworks begin at about the 10:55 mark, and Spicer makes his epic slip-of-the-tongue at about 15:20.

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