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Man brutally beaten, robbed by thugs in fast food line after offering to help pay for their meal

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A Brooklyn, New York man has spoken out after he learned that no good deed goes unpunished after a gang of thugs brutally attacked him after he offered help.

The victim noticed the two men in front of him didn’t have enough to pay for their meal, at Texas Chicken and Burgers, and he offered to help.

The assailants repaid him by punching and kicking the good Samaritan and hitting him with his own cane, CBS 2 New York reported.

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“I heard someone come in and ask for some money for something to eat — someone told them no and I heard them and I turned around and I said, ‘I’ll help you,’” Joseph Molohon, 37, told CBS.

The thugs were joined by two accomplices who proceeded to gang assault the man.

“They fractured the middle of my nose, went straight down, busted my head and they busted my eyebrow,” he said.

A fifth man came into the store after the beating to attempt to rob the man but he was unable to find his wallet.

“The wallet was on my other side,” Molohon told CBS. “I was laying on it and I had almost $1,000 in it. They didn’t get that.”

Molohon suffered broken bones and cuts and is now living in fear.

“It’s just wrong, disgusting, and I don’t know why they would do something [like that],” he said. “I’m a good person. I’m good to everyone.”

Molohon is white and homosexual, according to his Facebook page, and all five attackers are black but police have not indicated if race or sexual orientation played a role in the attack.

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