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Joe Biden: Trump ‘deserves a chance’ to lead … ‘it’s too early to judge’

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President Donald Trump found some positive – though somewhat backhanded – support from former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden told reporters during a press conference Monday at the University of Delaware that the new president  “deserves a chance” to lead the country.

Asked if he believed Trump “deserved a chance to govern,” Biden responded in a clip posted by The Blaze:

“Sure he does. That’s exactly why you haven’t seen the president on any of the shows. I mean if I was able to charge, you guys would pay me a lot of money to come on the shows — not a joke. That’s why you haven’t heard anything from us about that.”

But the former vice president qualified his remark, saying Trump did not get his ducks in a row on time because he never really thought he would get elected.

“He deserves a chance and in fairness to him, this is a man in my view, who understandably like all the press thought, didn’t think he was gonna win,” Biden said.

Others have usually had their transition team in place months ahead of the election, Biden said, citing the example of former President Obama who had a team ready nine months ahead.

“We knew if we won who we were gonna ask to do A, B, C, and D. In fairness to [Mr. Trump], I don’t think there was thought to be any necessity to do that,” he said.

“So he’s really playing catch-up,” he added. “He should be given a chance. It’s too early to judge.”

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